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Portrait Professional is an easy to use application that allows you to edit photos professionally. The application will bring you the best images with high quality in a short time by moving the slider.

Portrait Professional, a professional application for editing portrait, gives your portraits profession.  Especially with Portrait Professional, you will not have to spend too much time on editing.

Portrait Professional can edit photos easily like a Photoshop plug-in without using other applications.
Portrait Professional processes RAW files directly and always gives your images the highest quality. Therefore, it is preferred by most of photographers.

Portrait Professional can read such formats as Adobe (. Dng), Canon (. Crw. Cr2), Fuji (. Raf), Kodak (. Tif. Kdc. DCR), Minolta (. MRW), Nikon (. Nef) , Olympus (. ORF), Pentax (. ptx. PEF), Sony (. srf arw. SR2), Sigma (. X3F), Epson (. erf), Mamiya (. MEF. mos), Panasonic (. raw), Phase One (. tif), Imacon (. fff).

Some new features of Portrait Professional:

- With this version, you edit skin, such as moles, pimples, wrinkles, ect.
- Provide more functions to edit face easily.
- Edit skin’s brightness, remove oily stains, balance white, edit face’s gloss.
- Eliminate red eye when taking pictures.
- Support 16-bit and 8-bit color.
- Read RAW files.

  • Main function - Portrait Professional:

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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