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pressSIGN is the program which measures and controls the printing process. The application runs well on ISO standards.

pressSIGN  is designed to work with GretagMacbeth Eye-One. The combination of these two tools will ensure the highest safety and accuracy of your printing process. pressSIGN will measure, control and create the best color on your press sheets.

pressSIGN helps you create a color bar for the width of the press sheet. This bar will automatically fix errors on the press, replace your current colors or add color to the press. pressSIGN supports generating a color bar going with your press wich will save nuances and settings for the future use on the other paper color.

pressSIGN combines with the GretagMacbeth Eye-One spectrophotometer to choose the control strip matching with your press. Patch all holes on a B1/1000 mm wide press sheet or 23 press sheets at a time. In addition, pressSIGN runs continuously. Hence, it will help you save time and ensure the work progress.

Main features of pressSIGN:

- Predict the correct density to run the CMYK solids
- Build standards including ISO 12.647-2, 12.647-3, 12.647-4, 12.647-6, GRACol G7
- Automatically create the wetness and dryness when the ink is wet or dry
- Integrate Eye-One to measure the color bar across the width of the press sheet in seconds
- Support generating the color bar to match with your target
- Print color well
- Create reports directly
- Support Internet connection and uploading reports to pressSIGN OnLine

Updated date: 05/10/2014

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