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Pristy Tools integrates multiple tools such as timing, scanning the memory, cleaning up and accelerating PC, creating wallpapers, etc. This software also helps users view information about your computer hardware and it is also the handy tool for browsing Websites and sending mail.

Pristy Tools allows users to shut down the computer at a set time automatically. Users can select different tasks such as PageDown, Reboot, Sleep, Log Off, Lock Desktop, Disconnect, Egg Timer or Custom. This feature is very useful when you want to restart your computer automatically after downloading or installing software.

The Memory Cleaner function of Pristy Tools will clean up RAM to accelerate your computer. This application also supports removing junk files in the temporary folder to free up the memory and improve your computer performance. Users can also view information about RAM and hardware connected to the computer.

Pristy Tools allows users to browse Websites and send Email like common browsers thanks to Web Assistant tool and basic features such as searching a URL, typing email address and subject, etc. Moreover, this software also helps you create the digital clock interface on Desktop.

Main features of Pristy Tools:

- Schedule to shut down computer automatically
- Scan the computer memory and delete temporary files
- View information about the computer system and RAM
- Improve the computer performance
- Browse Websites and send Email
- Create a digital clock on Desktop

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download Pristy Tools
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