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ProShow Producer is one of utilities which support creating a Video from existing images. With eye-catching effects and diversified functions, this utility helps you create Videos professionally.

ProShow Producer allows users to create interesting film clips, flash clips in the form of photo slideshows. It is the dedicated tools for creating videos from photo albums with very beautiful and unique transition effects. It is compatible with various image files and allows changing the music background of the video, etc. They can be extracted to different optional formats including DVD, CD and HD movies or Flash, QuickTime, etc.

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ProShow Producer - Create video from images

Like other film designing software, ProShow Producer has so many features to serve for creating and editing video. Users can create videos containing images or clips easily. You can adjust the color, cut, resize and rotate. . ProShow Producer also allows you to create advanced and professional slideshow products with a huge store of application data. Besides, this software can use as a tool to create films for advertisements or product introduction. ProShow Producer can create films/ images with no limitation in time, slideshow samples, trademark. It also integrates the copy prevention and multimedia processing in addition to completely strange features such as creating mask, vinett and the main dynamic frame. This will help you unleash your creativity. ProShow Producer also has the preview function so that users can test their work before it is completed. You can save your work in 14 different formats such as DVD, CD, HD movies, Flash, QuickTimes.
Like other software, ProShow Producer also integrates the mode of updating the latest versions. When there is a new version, ProShow Producer will send notifications to users when they turn on the software. You just need press the accept button, then you can use the latest version of the utility. It is known that ProShow Producer is going to launch some notable features such as integrating some languages for the easier use, accelerating the image searching speed, integrating with the latest operating systems and adding more image editing features. ProShow Producer allows users to save files in popular video formats.

 Noteworthy features of ProShow Producer:

- Edit and create videos easily:

ProShow Producer provides lots of tools for editing and creating videos easily compared to other software of the same feature. This software offers an understandable usage guidance board. Besides, the developer also establishes some sample customizations so that users can use for reference.

- Preview videos:

ProShow Producer also supports the Video Preview feature. This feature allows you to try running a newly done clip to see if there is any mistake.

- Allow users freely creative with the huge store of effects:

ProShow Producer provides users with a huge store of applications to serve for your creativity. These applications are arranged by features, themes so that users can choose and use easily.

- Do not restrict the capacity and the length of videos:

ProShow Producer does not restrict the capacity of video clips. You can make a large videos without worrying anything.

- Support lots of image, video and audio formats:

This software can read and edit multiple video, audio and image formats which are popular on the market today. With this software, you can easily work without worrying whether the file is restricted by the software or not.

Updated date: 04/27/2015

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