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Proxy Remote Control Software is a specialized program for viewing and controlling a remote computer via IPX or IP of LAN / WAN. The program supports user to control, diagnose and resolve problems of computer or configuration and reboot network devices, ect. The program also offers lots of other features.

Proxy Remote Control Software provides users with a tool to manage remote computers via IPX or IP of LAN / WAN. Users can view and control all activities of computer easily and effectively. Thus, the network administrator can control computers to diagnose and solve problems without wasting effort on coming to client computer.

Proxy Remote Control Software supports reset and restart computers on the network if they encounter problems. The program can also track vital equipment such as rack-mounted processor and printers. For those who share the same network on multiple websites, the application helps user establish a server to access remotely. The application also provides necessary support via a dial-in connection.

Proxy Remote Control Software integrates with wizard mode that installs Proxy for user to view and operate other computers from user's computer. On the server, the software will provide necessary features for administrator.

The main features of Proxy Remote Control Software:

- Manage remote computers via IP, IPX.
- Help user control the computer.
- Reset, reboot computers in network remotely.
- Monitor critical equipments.
- Create a server to control multiple computers simultaneously.

Updated date: 12/23/2013

Download Proxy Remote Control Software
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