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Radaee PDF Reader OCX is a program for viewing PDF files. Module is corresponded to specific tasks, it also provides more features such as ViewerDoc Com Object Viewer Control, and Outline View Control Miniature Control.

Currently, there are various programs that can read PDF files, the most popular ones are Adobe Acrobat and Foxit PDF Reader. Lately, PDF Reader OCX is released to support user in reading PDF files easily.

Radaee PDF Reader OCX supports several programming languages, for example VC, HTML, C #, Visual Basic, Delphi or other languages. PDF file is saved and uploaded to the program from the computer easily.

No need to install Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can use PDF document Radaee PDF Reader OCX instead. Users can view or print PDF files, the program also has functions such as searching text, terms, turning pages, zooming in/out.

The program is also equipped with various modes such as reading a single page, continuous reading, ect, support hot links, select text and copies through clipboard.

Radaee has much smaller capacity than other common PDF reading programs, but what it brings to users is just as good as others. If you are looking for a small program just to read PDF, Radaee PDF Reader OCX will surely be the most appropriate choice for you.

Main features of PDF Reader OCX Radaee

- View PDF without depending on Adobe Reader.
- View or print PDF documents.
- Search for specific text.
- Move pages, zoom in/out.
- View documents with different modes: read a single page or continuous.
- Select content on a page and copy it to clipboard.
- Divide pages into images.
- Support hot links.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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