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Kevin Pham

You are often mistaken about folders and files because their icons on Windows are very similar. Thanks to the color changing feature of Rainbow Folders, you can classify files and folders in order that you can easily recognize and use them.

IconPackager provides a collection of eye-catching colors of different types (single color or blended color) so that users can choose to integrate them with drives, folders, files and all data on the operating system. It is optional for users to partly or wholly change folders on the computer, for example, My Computer, Recycle Bin, Start Menu, folder, drives, files, Control Panel and even cursor as well as specialized formats like .doc, .xls and others on the operating system.

Rainbow Folders will help users easily manage and distinguish folders, especially important folders through the difference in their color. This software also supports users to set up a notification when an other user try to delete colorized folder, the program`s color collection or when you delete folders on the system by mistake.

Rainbow Folders also has the possibility to change color of several icons at the same time by the simple drag and drop method at high speed and brings users with changes for a moment.

Key features of Rainbow Folders:

- Allow customizing and changing color of icons in mass on the Windows system.

Rainbow Folders supports users to change icon color of folders, drives and also files of specific formats. This application provides a series of high quality icon colors so that you can select and apply into your computer. It helps you change synchronously, distinguish and control important data on the computer easily.

- Set up color changing modes by each time cycle.

With Rainbow Folders users can customize time marks to change the folder color or reset them at any time. Or if you find it unnecessary, you can remove the applied color mode to put them to the original icon status.

- Have the rich database.

Rainbow Folders integrates lots of color types so that users can select and integrate them with folders or you can create your own collection to serve for the better search and use.

- Change whenever Windows starts.

Users can set up the automatic mode to change the icon color for the entire operating system whenever it starts to save the time.

- Support for many languages.

The software`s interface is translated into popular languages such as Polish, English, German and Italian to suit to a large number of users.

- Be easy to use.

Rainbow Folders integrates the right-click menu to change icon conveniently. This tool helps you easily change all icons on Windows without affecting the computer efficiency. The program will not change any file of the system or Registry. Thus, it will ensure the information security for users.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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