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Real Temp is a tool to check and analyze temperature of Intel Chips such as Dual Core, Quad Core and Core i7, thus it helps users organize their computers better and find out the maximum temperature where the computers are still safe.

Real Temp supports to check and analyze such different Intel Chips as Dual Core, Quad Cord, and Core i7.  The program shows the detailed information to help you organize the computer’s working process, define the maximum temperature at which it can run safely.

Unlike the function-similar applications like Core Temp, SpeedFan or Hardware Sensors Monitor, Real Temp displays not only the real temperature in Celsius degree but also TJMax distance (this unit stands for the maximum temperature for the safety of processors).

If the CPU gets hotter, the TJMax distance will automatically decrease. Once it reaches 0, the processor will interfere and slow down the computer. Real Temp shows the current CPU temperature to help you organize and find relevant solutions whenever there is a sign of processor getting hotter.

Real Temp will automatically close running tasks like Game, video player, music player, etc. to temporarily decrease the computer speed and bring it back to the normal state.

Main features of Real Temp:

- Check, display Intel CPUs temperature
- Test DTS sensors
- Keep the minimum and maximum system speeds stable
- Display information fast and accurately
- Display such measurement units as MHz, TJMax, VID, CPUID, and ID APIC
- Automatically close running task to keep balance of the computer system.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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