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RealWorld Cursor Editor is a free software that provides tools for users to create cursor icon, logo, static or dynamic signature without any Photoshop experience and knowledge.

RealWorld Cursor Editor offers many tools to draw like line, curve, rectangle, elipse, round, star, crescent moon, snowflake, arrow, etc. It also allows users to perform drag-and-drop drawing functions into the program interface

With RealWorld Cursor Editor, users can set up the specifications such as size, color, weight, additional effects like blur, grey, water shadow, etc. The program also let users create mask layer for the image, so they can combine many effects in one photo.

Besides, the program supports drawing by marked points on the interface. This feature helps users create their own signature to use in transactions on the Internet.

Especially, RealWorld Cursor Editor offers options to make animated picture like direction of the picture movement, thickness of objectives, time of a movement, etc.

Main features of RealWorld Cursor Editor:

-Offer many drawing tools
-Support drag-and-drop
-Set up size, color, effects, etc. for photo
-Make mask layer for photo
-Draw by marked point
-Set up options for animated picture.

Updated date: 11/29/2013

Free Download RealWorld Cursor Editor
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