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Reason is a tool to create and edit audio files with lots of built-in features which requires no bulky supporting device. The program offers various filters and special sound effects.

Reason is a tool to help you create a new audio file easily without the help of other supporting tools.  Moreover, this application is the best solution for you to edit audio files stored on your computer.  You can select one of the available sound effects and apply to your own audio files.

Reason can be used to record sound directly from microphone and compatible input devices, thus allowing you to record your own voice and save on the computer or share with friends.

Different from other software of the same function, Reason can work with music instruments connected directly to the computer such as guitar, bass, drum, piano, etc. Therefore, you can record more vivid sound than using other software.  You can work in fullscreen or hidden mode to avoid covering the screen.

Main features of Reason:

- Offer various audio editing tools.

The program offers lots of tools with different functions for editing audio files such as copying, mixing, splitting, joining, noise filtering, removing intervals, etc.

- Provide special sound effects.

Reason offers various special sound effects for you to apply to your audio files such as Distorts, Bass effects, Echo, reverbs, and delays.

- Record voice directly.

The program enables you to record sound from microphone and other inputs. Therefore, you can record your voice, edit sound, and apply sound effects to create a complete record to give to friends, family, or share on the internet.

- Work on various MIDI devices.

The records or edited files will be opened directly on other MIDI audio editors without converting formats, so the process will be faster and more effective.

 - Connect and work with various devices.  

You can adjust the connect for Reason to work directly with devices, popular music instrument now such as guitar, drum, piano, organ, etc.

- Easily change the screen size.

The program allows you to minimize the interface and provides hidden mode to save screen space.  You can also work in full screen mode conveniently.

- Support hotkeys.

You can work with this application through the tools integrated on the interface or using the hotkeys right on the keyboard without the mouse.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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