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Recycle Bin Laden is an application that offers you awesome utilities to replace the Recycle Bin icon with a photo of Bin Laden without affecting the function of Windows Recycle Bin.

Recycle Bin Laden provides users with the ability to transform the default Recycle Bin of the computer. Moreover, Recycle Bin Laden offers the same functions as the Windows Recycle Bin. Users are already familiar with these functions.

Now you can replace the boring icon of Recycle Bin with Bin Laden Photo. Besides that, Recycle Bin Laden also allows users to change the name of Recycle Bin to Recycle Bin Laden or any other names that you want.

Recycle Bin Laden can change the default sound of Recycle Bin to other unique sounds. It also offers the ability to store deleted files, restore them or permanently delete so no-one can find them.

Main features of Recycle Bin Laden:

- Replace Recycle Bin icon with a new and unique photo of Bin Laden

- Provide same functions as the Windows Recycle Bin

- Allow users to change Recycle Bin name to Recycle Bin Laden or any other names they want

- Change the default sounds of Recycle Bin with the more unique and relevant sounds

- Store, restore, and permanently delete the deleted files

- Simple interface, easy to use.

Updated date: 11/30/2013

Free Download Recycle Bin Laden
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