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Remote Desktop Control is a tool that supports user to control computers remotely from another computer. The software can display the computer screen in real-time, shut them down, or reboot them, ect. The program supports user to control by using = keyboard and mouse.

Remote Desktop Control is a specialized program to control the operation of a remote computer through a TCP / IP protocol local area network or Internet. The software will display the computer screen that user wants to control quickly and accurately in real-time. The process is constantly updated with very low latency. Users can use a separate keyboard and mouse to control the computer without affecting the server.

Remote Desktop Control provides different display modes ("window", "full screen", "minimize") and various working modes ("watch only" and "full control"). The program supports high resolution and color depth, therefore the display will be clearer. Users can connect to multiple computers simultaneously.

Remote Desktop Control can also manage the power of imputers by shutting, r rebooting, or logging the computers off, ect when they are not in use. The software supports for transferring files between local computers and remote computers via common connections. The powerful connection and data security ability protects user's information extremely well.

The main features of Remote Desktop Control:

- Control a computer remotely.
- Display the computer screen that user wants to control in real-time.
- Connect to multiple computers at the same time.
- Transfer files via the network.
- Good security.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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