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RGB Color Finder is the tool which supports changing color of the interface by providing color codes corresponding to different colors so that you can convert from this color to others and vice versa. The program provides RGB code or HEX code for your choice.

RGB Color Finder is the application which allows you to change the color of the computer interface by offering color codes equivalently to different colors. Thanks to this utility, you can change the color of the computer interface constantly. The program offers color codes in the RGB code or HEX code so that you can choose freely.

RGB Color Finder will help you change the computer screen by moving the mouse to colored areas you want, then the utility will display corresponding color codes right in the boxes available on the interface. Enter provided codes to available R, G, B boxes to change the interface color.

Besides, RGB Color Finder also provides other information such as co-ordinates of the mouse. It also enables you to copy multiple color codes simultaneously. The program will automatically display notifications if you enter the wrong color code.

RGB Color Finder has the ability to update latest versions automatically when there is any new version launched on the market. New versions are often provided with lots of color codes representing for new colors so that you can apply to your interface.

Main features of RGB Color Finder:

- Provide color codes to change the color of the computer interface.
- Include various RGB and HEX color codes.
- Display colors corresponding to color codes right on the main interface.
- Provide the mouse co-ordinates accurately.
- Copy multiple color codes simultaneously.
- Automatically display notifications when you enter the wrong color code.
- Automatically update new versions.

Updated date: 12/19/2013

Free Download RGB Color Finder
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