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Samplitude Music Studio is a tool to record and edit sound effectively. The program offers special sound effects from different instruments for you to select and apply to your audio files.

 Samplitude Music Studio is a tool to record and edit sound effectively. You can select one effect in the store that the program provides and apply to your files, mix audio with sounds from popular instruments to create a stylish song which is different from the original one.

Samplitude Music Studio can be used to mix different songs, record sound via microphone or compatible inputs. The program supports most of popular audio formats such as MP3, MPG, WMA, WAV, AIF, OGG, FLAC, MID.

Samplitude Music Studio allows you to work and preview the effects after applying to your files. Therefore, you can know which segment is suitable before completing and saving it.

Main features of Samplitude Music Studio:

- Support different input audio formats such as

Samplitude Music Studio can work with audio files of such formats as MIDI, OGG, SF2, MP3, CDA, AIFF, MOV, AVI.

- Support wide range of output audio formats.

The records and audio files after being edited will be saved as  OGG, MP3, CDA, AIFF, WMA, RealAudio, QuickTime formats.

- Provide special sound effects.

The program offers various special sound effects for you to apply to your audio files such as Distorts, Bass effects, Echo, reverbs, and delays.

- Record voice directly.

You can use Samplitude Music Studio to record your own voice via a microphone, edit audio files, add effects to create a completely new record compared to that of famous singers.

- Edit audio files

Samplitude Music Studio  comprises of basic editing tools such as arranging, splitting, copying, joining, etc.You can combine an audio file with an MIDI file to manage the chips on audio cards through associated plug-ins.

- Process a series of audio files.

Samplitude Music Studio allows you to work with multiple audio files at the same time, so you can easily edit and compare them.

- Have a straightforward and easy-to-use interface

The program has a straightforward and user-oriented interface with all tools arranged clearly on the toolbar and a series of utilities with specific functions.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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