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Science Helper For Ms Word is the plug-in to install in MS Word allowing users to add template and graphics on science topics for your school and work.

It is difficult to find pictures for illustration to make your writing on science, study reports of math, physics, Chemistry, etc. Science Helper For Ms Word will help you.
This is a useful tool to insert scientific diagrams into Word quickly by clicking mouse and selecting available templates.

Notice that your computer must been installed MS Word because this utility is just a plug-in for Word.

You can search and select suitable fonts or special icons to add to equation and formulas. This is a simple tool and you can use it as basis utilities in Word. Science Helper provides over 12 000 scientific diagrams and graphs for your work.

After installing the application, open Word, Science Helper’s toolbar includes:
Physics: It is clarified in topics including Basis, Calorific, Electricity, Experiment, Mechanics and Optics. Select suitable symbol, adjust its size and insert into document.
Chemistry: it includes Case and Canal, Measure, Periodic System of Elements and others.

Math: two main topics including Algebra and Geometry. Moreover, there are formulas to calculate area of circle, rectangular, etc and volume of cylinder, cube, etc.
Phonetic symbol and In common use symbol: special symbols in math, chemistry and physics.

Picture adjust and text adjust: Custom to adjust images and characters.

Science Helper for Ms Word is compact software although it contains such amount of symbols and diagrams. It does not slow down your computer. It is compatible with any computers, any Ms Office versions and Windows operating systems.

Key features of Science Helper for Ms Word:

- Support over 1200 scientific diagrams and graphs.
- Be the plug-in supporting any MS Word versions.
- Custom to change size of diagram.
- Simple click – select.

Updated date: 10/29/2013

Download Science Helper For Ms Word
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