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Sendago is an excellent tool that allows you to send large file attachments via email most easily and quickly. Especially, the tool supports sending files up to a massive 10 G via email.

Sendago provides users with a special feature to send large files too big for email. This is really a handy tool for every user. That’s the reason why this tool is so popular among internet users.

Thanks to Sendago, you don’t have to be worried about sending files of any size to your friends, partners, superiors, etc. In addition, Sendago will catch you by surprise by helping you send attached files up to 10 G or more in size over email.

Sendago assists users in sending large files by the method, attached files will be uploaded to the tool’s server and then re-sent to the email addresses of recipients. So your email will be sent quickly.

Moreover, Sendago has a visual and easy-to-use interface with main functions displayed on the window, so users can use this tool with ease.

Main features of Sendago:

- Send large files via email.

 With this tool, you can send large files via email quickly and easily. This is an outstanding feature in comparison with the traditional way of sending email.

- Sending large file attachments via email with speed.

Attached files will be uploaded to the tool’s server and re-sent to recipients’ email, so it doesn’t take time to send your email.  

- Support files up to 10 G or more in size.

Sendago supports sending files up to 10G and even more in size easily.

- Possess a visual and easy-to-use interface.
Sendago has a clear and direct interface with main functions set on the window of the program, so users will feel much easy in using this tool.

Updated date: 11/06/2013

Free Download Sendago
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