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Seterra is the application which provides users lots of useful knowledge of countries, capitals, national flags, etc. These knowledge is gathered in over 100 exercises of Seterra.

Seterra supports teaching and studying geography effectively. Seterra provides useful knowledge through over 100 exercises so that you understand the earth structure, geographic location of continents, countries, cities, national flags, etc.

With Seterra, you can know the geographic location and topography of continents and countries in the world. Exercises of Seterra aim to support teachers and students to study geography effectively.

This utility allows users to assess and test their geographic knowledge through exercises because it marks each exercise to track their progress. In addition, Seterra`s interface is straightforward, intuitive, colorful and well-organized. Its interesting images will inspire users at research and study.

Main features of Seterra:

- Provide lots of useful knowledge of countries, capitals, national flags, etc.
- Provide over 100 exercises which gather basic knowledge of geography
- Help users assess and test their knowledge through exercises
- Have an intuitive and colorful interface, inspire users at study and research


Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Seterra
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