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Sim Aquarium provides to you a 3D screen in a vivid aquarium for decorating and protecting your screen. With this application, you will experience on a unique water environment.

Sim Aquarium brings to you the most vivid aquarium for you screen. With extremely sharp images and graphics, Sim Aquarium turns your screen into a stunning aquarium with lively starfish, snails, coral reef and fishes.
Sim Aquarium provides approximately 41 types of fish with aquatic plants in an aquarium with new effects and color. Each type of fish or plant will appear in different environment which bring to you exciting feeling.

This software use pretty unique graphic technique that brings to users experience on wonderful and splendid color. It also helps you to relax after stress hours at work.

Main features of the software:

- Provide unique aquarium for screen’s decoration:

Your screen becomes too boring with simple repeated flower background. Use and enjoy unique 3D technology integrated to the screen with Sim Aquarium. With this software, users are likely to immerge in nature in the sea even though they are at home, office or anywhere.

- Customize effects on 3D screen:

Users can change aquarium design by changing type of fish, coral, crystal and rocks with various effect and color in order to enjoy unique artwork from water environment. Each aquarium can contain 12 types of fish. You can set effects such as sponge, or the way fish swim to make the aquarium more exciting. You can even change contrast and wave speed.

- Protect your screen:

Besides the function of decorating the screen, this application is also used to protect and prevent unauthorized access to your computer.

- Support keyboard to replace mouse:

Functions of the program can be accessed via replaced shortcut key without using mouse.

- Easy to use and install:

This software provides diverse collections of aquariums but it is very easy to use. IT can run well on every operating system.

Updated date: 04/27/2015

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