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Tony Nguyen

Simple File Shredder is a tool that removes safely your folders and data files in your computer. In particular, Simple File Shredder is capable of removing data files and you can’t restore them.

Simple File Shredder is a powerful and safe developed tool; it’s very secure in deleting all data files. You do not have to install to use, it just requires you to run executing files and then it’s ready to serve you whenever you want.

Traditionally, you delete data files by clicking Windows queries but this way never be able to delete file perfectly. Simple File Shredder would be your solution to this problem. This tool allows you to delete hard drive’s files and these files would disappear forever.

Simple File Shredder owns a simple and user-friendly GUI; this software is suitable with all people just by clicking your mouse.

Additionally, you can set up private password to protect Simple File Shredder tool and hence, prevent intrusions stealing your data.

Simple File Shredder’s main features:

- Delete files perfectly
- Remove files permanently and unable to restore them.
- Own a simple and intuitive GUI, friendly to all people of all generations
- Allow users to set up password, avoid being intruded.

Updated date: 10/08/2013

Free Download Simple File Shredder
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