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SlimCleaner is an application to help you detect and remove unnecessary files in the computer system such as junk files, empty folders, duplicated files, shortcuts, etc., thus accelerating and enhancing computer's performance

SlimCleaner is a tool to detect and remove unnecessary files stored on the computer including junk files, empty folders, duplicated files, etc. to free the memory and enhance the system efficiency.

SlimCleaner will help you clean "comprehensively" the entire system by removing temporary files, dump files in the memory, and files in recycle bin. Additionally, you can utilize this application to remove working history of Windows, cache, optimize memory, and remove unnecessary files.
Futhermover, SlimCleaner is also an application to help you manage applications running in the system, uninstall programs, change the homepage for web browsers, and create startup files. You can also view summary and analysis report of hard disk as well as access to such Windows tools as Control Panel, Device Manager, Users Accounts, etc.

Main features of SlimCleaner:

- Remove unnecessary files on the computer:

This application helps you free disk space by removing junk files, empty folders, duplicated files, shortcuts, installation of out-of-date applications, etc., thus enhancing your system's efficiency.

- Remove permanently files in Recycle Bin.

Data deleted with the normal Delete function of Windows cannot remove thoroughly unnecessary data, but save them in Recycle Bin. SlimCleaner will help you remove all files stored in Recycle bin of Windows.

- Clean Registry for Windows.

Redundant files will be stored in Windows registry such as DLL sharing files, hotkey combo, invalid text font, extension of files, link to applications, etc. will be removed for ever.

- Take care of applications installed in the system.

This application will help you take care of all applications installed in your system like Windows Update, detect and remove malware hiding under harmless software, web browsers (delete web browsing history, caches, cookies, temporary internet files, links to downloaded files, etc.)

- Manage applications running in the system.

SlimCleaner will display all applications running on the computer in a built-in list including those which startup with the computer. You can also uninstall unnecessary software, change the homepage of web browsers, protect BHO, etc.

- Customize the schedule of the program.

You can customize the scanning time for SlimCleaner to start with the system or in a preset time.

- Automatically update new versions.

The program will display a notification whenever a new version is released. You just need to download this version using the link that the program provides.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download SlimCleaner
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