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Tony Nguyen

SlimDrivers automatically searches and updates drivers for the computer system. Thanks to the tool, you can find compatible drivers for your system.

SlimDrivers allows users to search for compatible drivers for their systems and automatically install them on the computers. Especially, the tool uses cloud algorithm which always updates the latest version to help you search and provide accurate results – this is a more outstanding feature compared to other softwares of the same type, so it is favored and used by many users.

If you have to reinstall Win for your computer for any reason and lose the driver installer. SlimDrivers will be an ideal solution for you in this case. The tool will base on Windows Device Manager, Windows System Manager and Windows Update Online to analyze, search and return results of the most proper driver pack for your system. Afterwards, it will automatically install the lacked drivers on your computer.

Automatic driver updating software - SlimDrivers has a very intuitive and user-friendly interface. Functional menus of the utility are fully displayed on the program’s widow, allowing you to quickly search and update driver pack for your computer.

Key features of SlimDrivers:

- Effectively search and update drivers for many different types of main.
- Use cloud technology to manage drivers.
- Fix errors related to drivers.
- Regularly update driver versions.
- Have an intuitive and user-friendly interface.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download SlimDrivers

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