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SlySoft CloneDVD is able to copy disc at high speed and with high quality. This software helps you make perfect DVD copies. It is compatible with various disc formats and goes with multiple tools for editing movies directly so that you can create satisfactory products.

SlySoft CloneDVD can extract and copy DVD content to the computer hard drive or a blank disc at high speed thanks to the data compression technology. A list of Videos on the DVD will be displayed intuitively so that users can select to copy DVD  content partly or wholly. This software supports DVD-R/RW and DVD + R / RW discs.

SlySoft CloneDVD helps users compress long footages on Video and select audio channel, subtitle or size of each Video. This software also integrates trimming tools which help you remove unwanted Video segments. The window to watch Videos is also integrated so that you can make appropriate adjustments as well as capture scenes on Videos.

SlySoft CloneDVD supports creating new DVDs which are reduced in the file size, but still preserve content and quality of the original disc. This program is very easy-to-use, even suitable to novice users. This is the tool which copies DVDs effectively at high speed and is very useful for storing DVDs.

Main features of SlySoft CloneDVD:

- Copy DVD to the hard drive or a blank disc
- Speed up the transferring process thanks to the data compression technology
- Make high-quality copies
- Preview Videos and capture images being shown
- Select audio channel and subtitle for Videos

Updated date: 04/22/2014

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