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SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor is the software to repair your hard drive. The program helps to heal partition tables and boot records, recover damaged files and fix directory structure completely automatically instead of getting a new one.

The software is designed to restore data from corrupted files and drives quickly and effectively. The tool helps to recover the whole system by auto-scanning hard drives for damaged partitions, restore and restructure files and folders.. Also it allows you to choose file and folder to recover.

To secure the highest safety while working with damaged drives and folders, the application use “Low-Level” scanning mode. This is an additional security step, the application can create a virtual image of a restored hard drive and only access the image instead of working directly with the damaged drives. SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor ensure the highest level of safety to your important information.

The software  easily recovers corrupted drives or lost files without any difficulties. Even you do not meet any problems while downloading or installing it. At beginning, the program will display a wizard of processing without spending much time because its interface is simple and visual to users.

Key features of SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor:

- Help to repair partition tables and boost records, recover damaged files and directory structure automatically.
- Support to restore the whole system by auto-scanning hard drives of lost or corrupted partition. Recover and restructure directory files.
- Provide precautions to ensure the highest level of safety to your important information.
- Offer a simple and visual interface to users.

Updated date: 10/30/2013

Download SoftAmbulance Partition Doctor
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