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Tony Nguyen

SONY Vegas Pro is the software that provides users powerful tools to make videos professionally and rapidly.

SONY Vegas Pro offers users range of graphics editing so that you can do shaping feature rapidly by means of graphics card. Additionally, for more impressive film maker, this software also supports users with over 300 distinctive audio/video effects. As the result you can choose feely from these features and then make films depending on your aims and interest.

SONY Vegas Pro software also supports users with perfect editing tools to meet the demand of movie-making process. The program supports many features, including: drag-and-drop, split, massively edit .etc. just clicking your mouse cursor or using your keyboard. Following that, users can manually do everything with no difficulty. Moreover, ProType Titling technology introduced in this software is able to edit multi-camera films or recognize and synchronize all audio/video .etc. All tools above would ensure the perfection and accuracy of film-editing processes.    

SONY Vegas Pro also is known as owning deluxe audio-controlling power with Mixing Console tool. This program supports new-comer audio effects: EQ, Reverb, Delay .etc. and has the capacity of directly recording audio, mixing 5.1 bass audio, editing and merging sounds with audio plug-in DirectX and VST. Users would be the owner of the most optimal tool in editing film’s audio process for the better enjoyment

Interestingly, SONY Vegas Pro also is capable of making 3D film footage from available 2D film or editing film from 3D camera recorders. This software offers users stereo imaging mode and attached supportive effects. You can make your own 3D film footages at high-quality standard and then display them on 3D TV or basically your computers to enjoy it with friends

All considered, SONY Vegas Pro would be the top-level film-maker tool for you to make charming and impressive film footages.

SONY Vegas Pro’s key features:

-Solve graphics and shape films with graphics.

- Support over 300 audio/video effects.

- Edit films with a wide range of tools: drag and drop, split, massively edit, edit with multi-cameras, recognize and fix synchronizing audio/video .etc.

- Support audio effects: EQ, Reverb, Delay .etc

-Record sounds directly, make 3D films directly from 2D film footages

-Burn Blue-ray disk, make standard DVD with full-subtitles, languages, captions.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Download SONY Vegas Pro

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