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SopCast is an application to help you watch live sports online such as soccer, basket ball, tennis, etc. In addition, this application is also a free way to watch video, TV, on the internet or record sound directly from programs.

SopCast allows you to watch different TV channels such as sport, movie, music, news, etc.  It also provides lots of radio stations with the best audio and video quality. In addition, SopCast also allows you to record sound from your favorite channels.

SopCast - Watch online Soccer live matches and TV at high speed

SopCast is developed basing on the peer-to-peer platform (P2P), a new technology to share data between computers at the highest speed.  It is obvious that whenever mentioning an application for soccer live matches online, Sopcast is always the first name to be mentioned. Therefore, with its outstanding features, this application has become very popular now.  Sopcast can be combined with other software such as VLC Plaery or Torrent Stream to watch TV online more effectively.  Users can create their own TV broadcasting channels and share them with thousands of online users.

Moreover, SopCast also enables users to watch thousands of TV channels right on Android smartphones provided that these devices run Android 2.2+. In addition, SopCast can also run on different operating systems such as Linux and Mac.  However, iOS users may feel pity because this application has not been supported for iOS devices yet.

Main features of SopCast:

- Share and transfer data at high speed:

The program can easily share and transfer data between users. It includes high quality broadcasting channels with HD standard that you can watch directly without waiting for the transmission through the internet.  It is necessary to say that SopCast is the best program for watching TV now.

SopCast employs P2P protocol, so the data transfer rate always reach the highest level, the larger the bandwidth you have, the more vivid the sound becomes.

- Watch TV channels all over the world:

SopCast supports hundreds or even thousands of  TV channels in the world at the highest speed and with the best quality video.  It means that if you are living in America but you still want to watch TV channels broadcast in Vietnam, you can watch your desired channel just in a click.

- Listen to radio station directly:  

SopCast not only provides TV channels but also supports broadcasting radio stations, so you can have more options to listen to and enjoy the most famous radio stations in the world.

- Watch channels blocked by the state:

Thoroughly making use of firewall passing feature and NAT (change IP), SopCast can break over 90% of the P2P protocols now, so you can enjoy even the channels blocked by your state.

- Support lots of online video transferring protocols, play most of poplular file formats:

In addition, you can also directly watch videos available on video sharing websites such as Youtube, Dailymotion, MetaCafe,, etc. through different transmission protocols such as HTTP, HTTPS, MMS, etc. The program also supports you to watch various popular audio and video formats such as ASF, WMV, RM, MP3, etc.

- Support recording:

The program also provides you with recording function, so you can directly record sound broadcast from radio stations or music, sport, news channels, etc. to save on the hard disks, portable devices such as USB, Flash card, portable hard disk, and many more.

- Have high stability:

Watching videos on the Internet, you often have to depend on the transmission speed. Therefore, it is so annoying when a video is often crashed or loaded too slowly.  The channels that SopCast supports have high stability. Therefore you can watch the entire channel without worrying that the video will be stopped or buffered.  The buffering time of SopCast is quite short (10-30 seconds).

- Have little affect on the system:

SopCast is lightweight and occupies little memory, so it can works without affecting other applications as well as the efficiency of the system.

- Diversify in versions:

SopCast has different versions which are compatible with different operating systems such as Windows, Linux, Mac OS, and even for the mobile phone operating system like Android, etc.

- Be easy-to-use:

It is really easy to use this software. You just have to download the setup wizard from the internet and use it directly without installation.  SopCast's links are easily embeded into websites, blogs, or any other applications.


Updated date: 04/27/2015

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