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Sound Forge Pro is an application to help you edit and process audio files on your computer. In addition, the program also provides other features such as recording sound, edtiting audio for video files, extract audio from CD, etc.

Sound Forge Pro is an application possessing such features as editing, processing audio files on your comprise, recording sound from different sources, synchronizing audio to video, extract audio from CD, and many more.  The program offers special sound effects for you to select and apply to your audio files.

Sound Forge Pro provides over 40 effects and 32 audio  channels.  You can perform some simple tasks such as cutting, merging, copying, mixing, filtering noise for your audio files. The program allows you to work with multiple audio files simultaneously so that you can edit and compare them more easily.

Moreover, you can also use Sound Forge Pro to edit audio for your video, synchronize the audio with video frame to create the complete video and save as different video formats.

Main features of Sound Forge Pro:

- Edit audio files.

Sound Forge Pro supports over 32 audio channels and the most basic editing tools such as cutting, merging, copying, joining, deleting, etc. Edited audio files have high quality. You can work with multiple audio files simultaneously on the same interface.

- Recored sound from different sources.

Sound Forge Pro allows you to record sound from different sources such as microphone, music player running on the computer such as KMPlayer, Gom Player, external devices such as TV, CD/DVD players, Cassette, and many other devices.  You can set the starting and ending point of the record using Record Time function.

- Provide various sound effects.  

The program offers over 40 sound effects in real-time including Normalize, EQ, Delay, Chorus, Volume, Dynamics, Noise Gate, Pitch Shift, Flange, etc. You can select the suitable ones from these effects and apply to your audio files to make them different.

- Edit  audio for video.

Sound Forge Pro can work with various video formats including high definition videos such as AVI, WMV, MPEG-2, MPEG-2, HDV with the resolution of 720p/1080p. You can edit audio from the video, synchronize the audio and video frame to create a complete audio file.

- Filter noise.  

When recording, there may appear unavoidable noise such as horn and other people's voice. This application can help you remove all the noise in your record or in available audio files.

- Extract audio from CD.

This feature helps you extract all audio files on the CD and save on the computer or play on compatible devices. The extracted audio files can be saved as popular audio formats.

- Preview the process.  

The program allows you to preview the audio files after applying effects, so you can know whether it is correct or not. Finally, you can save the complete audio files as your desired formats.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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