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Source Reliance Enterprise is the application which supports managing the model of small and medium-sized enterprises. Thanks to the database distribution of each model, it will help manage expanding and executing more easily.

Source Reliance Enterprise is the software which allows you to manage the model of your small and medium-sized enterprises. The program can distribute the database of each model. Thus, management in expanding and executing will be easier.

Source Reliance Enterprise helps you monitor the working process of the whole enterprise, catch up with the change, create working and developing strategies, expand the working scope.  The program will automatically combine projects of each branch, integrate working processes and more.

Source Reliance Enterprise allows you to compare the working procedures of each enterprise. You can compare and unify changes of each project. You can compare two versions of each project, a file or all working processes of each branch. It will display changes related to each job on the main interface of the program.

Besides, Source Reliance Enterprise is also able to protect data and information of each branch in the enterprise safely. The utility will help you manage multiple jobs at the same time. It is also the solution to save your time at work. Thus, the efficiency and quality at work will be improved considerably.

Main features of Source Reliance Enterprise:

- Distribute the database of each project in the enterprise model.
- Monitor changes of each project.
- Manage the working process of each branch in the enterprise.
- Compare in details and display comparisons in the queue of the program.
- Manage contributed content of each branch.
- Automatically merge.
- Protect information, important data safely.
- Integrate lots of jobs.
- Manage projects of each branch.

Updated date: 12/17/2013

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