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Speed Gear is a wonderful tool to help you accelerate the game. With Speed Gear, you can easily play the action games which require high configuration.

Speed Gear is a lightweight application and also a companion of gamers.  Thanks to this tool, you can entertain with the action games.  Moreover, you still can play game on your out-of-date computer with low configuration and do not have to upgrade it.

Speed Gear is not only a lightweight and powerful tool but also very easy-to-use for all users.  Just in some tasks to set up the system, you can accelerate the speed to play games in the most comfortable manner.  Therefore, Speed Gear is preferred and widely used as it possesses lots of outstanding features.

Speed Gear helps you to hack the speed of the most common games.  You can also set up the hotkeys to change the speed of the game to suit you the best.  With Speed Gear, you will gain much experience while playing games.

Main features of Speed Gear :

- Accelerate playing speed

With Speed Gear, accelerating the game becomes simpler than ever just in a few tasks.  Therefore, you can easily play action games on the low configuration computer without upgradation.  Speed Gear can help you accelerate the speed up to 2 times compared to the original speed.

- Adjust the speed to suit you the best.

Speed Gear supports users to hack game by adjusting the game speed.  You can speed up or slow down the speed to suit you the best and easily win the game.

- Set the 4 hot keys: Show this Window, Speed up, Speed down, and set to default speed.  

Speed Gear itself integrates these four hot keys for users,  so you can easily access to the main interface of the program to speed up, speed down, and set to default speed of the system through the hotkeys to save the time and effort.

- Adjust your system operating speed.  

- Have a straightforward and easy-to-use interface for all users.

This application provides an intuitive interface, so you can customize and use the functions on it.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Download Speed Gear
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