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SpeedyFox is a utility program that enhances the web browsing and decreases the CPU usage of the internet-connected programs

Most IT fans have heard about SpeedyFox- Firefox, a fast web browser at the present. However, its disadvantage is to use up too much system resources that will partly slow down the computer startup and operation of other running applications. To improve this problem, we would like to recommend SpeedyFox, a lightweight program to all users. Thanks to this application, all problems above will be fixed when SpeedyFox – Firefox is put into use.

Within just some simple mouse clicks, you can complete the installation of this program. When using it, you can immediately see the effects of this application, such as rapid and silent startup, using up little system resources. Especially, the browsing speed of Firefox can be 3 times faster than before.

SpeedyFox can optimize databases without effecting the previous databases, so the storage capacity will much be reduced but the performance of web browsing is ensured.
Main features of SpeedyFox:

- Support quick access to Firefox browsers.
- Reduce the capacity of memory when saving browsers and at the same time enhance the performance of the computer.
- Optimize the database in order to ensure the performance but reduce the capacity significantly.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download SpeedyFox
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