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SpyAnywhere is a utility that allows you to use smart tools for remotely controlling or monitoring your computer easily and quickly.

SpyAnywhere offers you excellent tools to connect one computer with another one from a distance in order to monitor system activities exactly. Once you install this software, surely you will have an overall picture of what is happening on your computer.

SpyAnywhere allows you to monitor any running programs, active windows, internet connections and other applications. It is an ideal tool for parents to remotely control and monitor their children’s computer activities.

Besides, SpyAnywhere provides users with a feature of locking running applications or programs if they are not appropriate or unsafe. This powerful tool enables users to timely control and prevent programs that pose potential threats to their computers

SpyAnywhere can be applied to business field to control and monitor staff’s activities in order to increase their work performance.

Main features of SpyAnywhere:

-    Connect to a computer and control computer activities accurately from a distance.
-    Monitor running programs, open windows, internet connections, etc
-    Lock applications and programs if they pose threats to users or your system.
-    Be applicable in business field to monitor and control staff’s activities.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

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