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Kevin Pham

StreamingStar URL Helper is an application that allows users to search for links on the Web browsers, then automatically download multiple files and store them on the computer drives.

StreamingStar URL Helper has the ability to find many links, including the hidden ones on the Website, analyzes strengths and current error and considers downloading this Website. This tool helps users find numerous music, video websites giving users chances to have their own favorite music, movies.

StreamingStar URL Helper utilizes modern technological filters to quickly identify the hidden links, as well as the featured images and sounds attached to the music and/or movie website. In particular, this tool can search throughout all the Flash Video by the way of analyzing Flash effects.

StreamingStar URL Helper will update the found websites and display them as a list, so that users can monitor and choose easily. Then you are allowed to download and save one or more websites to your personal computer for many different purposes.

Main features of StreamingStar URL Helper:

- Search for multiple links on the Internet, including hidden links
- Search the websites with Video or Audio content.
- Identify Flash Video
- Have modern Filters
- Display the found website as a list
- Download one or more links at once
- Offer options to choose the saving destination
- Support Proxy connection.

Updated date: 11/18/2013

Free Download StreamingStar URL Helper
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