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Download SWF2EXE Converter - Converting SWF format into EXE format and vice versa


SWF2EXE Converter is a tiny and easy-to-use tool which allows you to convert two different formats of FLASH files, including SWF and EXE.

SWF2EXE Converter can create separate EXE autorun files from any SWF files of Flash files with a high speed. By using SWF2EXE, it only takes you several seconds to convert a Flash SWF file into an EXE file.

SWF2EXE Converter allows converting files by using two different methods: using file browser and dragging/dropping files.

For using web browser:
- Select a Flash files with any SWF format or EXE format at window “Select EXE or SWF”.
- Select target format “SWF or EXE” at “Files of type.”, and then click “Open”.
- Customize output of the product by click “Convert to” and then click “Save”.
- “Convert Success” means the converting process has been completed.

For using dragging/dropping files, instead of clicking “Convert”, you can drag Flash files into window of SWF2EXE Converter to carry out converting operations.

When needing to share these Flash files on the Internet or to other people, users can use SWF2EXE Converter to convert them into EXE format because this format can be read on computers without any Flash Player installed.

Key features of SWF2EXE Converter:

- Easily convert Flash file formats, including SWF and EXE.
- Share Flash files under EXE format to friends and support computers without any Flash Player installed.
- Support dragging/dropping features.
- Have a high converting speed.
- Have a good product quality.
- Have a friendly and easy-to-use interface.

Updated date: 05/26/2016

Download SWF2EXE Converter
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