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System Mechanic Free is a tool to clean and repair errors in the system and recover the speed of Windows.

System Mechanic Free helps you clean the entire system, delete unnecessary files, detect and repair errors due to virus attacks and other reasons.  Therefore, it can free the hard disk space and improve Windows speed.

System Mechanic Free offers lots of useful features such as cleaning Registry, defragmenting hard disk, protecting your privacy when accessing the internet, deleting folders and files in recycle bin permanently, etc.

In addition, System Mechanic Free is also an effective tool to manage the system configuration such as monitoring and controlling the performances of applications, deleting duplicated files, and uninstalling programs instead of Add/Remove function of Windows.

Main features of System Mechanic Free:

- Clean the system effectively:

The program will automatically search and remove over 50 types of junk files including trash, empty folders, duplicated files, out of date applications, shortcut, fragmentations of applications after being uninstalled, etc.

- Optimize the performance of hard disk drive.

System Mechanic Free will rearrange files, optimize and extend the life of SSD drives and keep them work with the highest efficiency.

- Defragment computer memory.

The defragmentation mechanism integrated in System Mechanic Free will help you arrange neatly and free space for hard disk drive while applications are running.

- Manage the performance of applications.

The program will help you manage the performance of all applications running on your computer, disable unnecessary applications startup with windows.

- Optimize  Windows Startup.

This feature can be used to eliminate startup files which are the "cases" for virus and malware.

- Defragment the hard disk.

This feature can protect your important data in the hard disk drive, optimize computer's performance and reliability of hard disk.  You can customize the settings to update this function constantly.

- Clean Registry:

The application will help you delete ineligible and out-of-date data such as hotkeys, font size, DLL files, etc. to clean and rearrange Registry.  The program will automatically create backup for Registry files before starting to avoid break-down during the operation.

- Fix all problems in the system.

System Mechanic Free can fix all problems on the hard disk drive, repair  or delete shortcuts to ineligible addresses.

- Ensure privacy:

This application can be used to protect your privacy from others' curious eyes by deleting all browsing history, cookies, temporary internet files, downloaded applications, etc. in web browsers, and talks on chat applications like Yahoo, Skype.

- Delete files permanently.

The program will help you delete files and folder on the computer hard drives or Recycle Bin forever.

- Many other features.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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