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TeamViewer is the software to help you access and control other computer remotely through the internet or access and work on your computer anytime and anywhere. In addition, this program also allows you to transfer and copy documents, programs, and images from computer to computer or even to mobile phone.

With TeamViewer, users can easily take full control of other computer. TeamViewer is developed by TeamViewer GmbH, a well-known software company in German.

The remote control software TeamViewer allows users to use their computer at home through another computer.  In general, this method help users take remote control another computer through internet connection or another connection.  Beside controlling computer, TeamViewer also enables you to install a software or an application to other remote computer.  TeamViewer also supports users in managing files and transfer data from the local computer to remote computer.

Furthermore, with TeamViewer users can also create virtual meeting with various participants (provided that all the computer has installed TeamViewer). To start an online meeting, the leader will share the ID of the meeting to other participants.  Participants can use the downloaded version on their computers or access and enter the ID to join the meeting.

Main features of TeamViewer:

- Supprot remote access and control to other computer through the internet:

TeamViewer entitles users to access and control a remote computer through another personal computer.  Furthermore, users can also use TeamViewer to access their personal computers through their smartphones.

- Establish online meeting:

TeamViewer enables users to create online meeting with high speed.  TeamViewer supports the virtual meeting up to 25 participants.  Users can schedule the meeting or establish quick meeting right on TeamViewer.

- Control computers easily:

TeamViewer allows users to control completely another computer.  The controlling speed will be determined basing on the transmission speed between the two computers.  You can set and customize the parameters or install software on the computer under your control. In addition, you can also use this software to transfer and copy files between two computers easily.

- Install anytime and anywhere:

Different from other remote control software, TeamViewer allows a computer running Windows operating system to connect and control another computer running Mac OSX of Apple.  In addition, TeamViewer also allows smartphone running Android control a computer running Windows or Mac OSX.

- Support recording the progress and save as AVI format:

TeamViewer allows users to record all the progress when it controls another computer.  Then, you can save the record as AVI format to the computer or burn to disc.

- Support drag-and-drop feature:

The remote control software TeamViewer also supports Drag and Drop feature to help users manipulate more quickly.  Users just have to drag a file from the controlling computer and drop to the controlled computer without clicking into transfer file button.

- Multilingual support:

In order to support users the best,
the remote control software TeamViewer also provides users with a wide range of language interfaces, so you can switch between them easily.  TeamViewer supports a series of the most popular languages as English, French, Germany, Russian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, etc.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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