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Download TeamViewer for windows 8 - Control computer, transfer file and organize online meeting.


TeamViewer for Windows 8 is a specialized program for user to control computer, transfer files, and organize online meeting with other teammates, start instant online meeting, plan online meetings ect. The app provides an environment to communicate via VoIP or video, chat or online presentation.

TeamViewer for Windows 8 is an application that offers a professional solution for controlling a computer or transferring files remotely via the internet. As a result, users can work online with teammates, support or instruct them to install, repair, remove applications and debug on their computers. This is also an environment for instant online meetings or meeting preparation.

TeamViewer for Windows 8 allows users to communicate via VoIP or video, chat or online presentation. The program will support user to share ideas via sound and pictures by a variety of communication tools that make it easier and more vivid. All connections of TeamViewer for Windows 8 are established via the fully encrypted channel with the highest level of security to ensure data safety.

TeamViewer for Windows 8 optimizes the quality and displaying speed based on user’s type of connection to bring the highest performance, even with mobile connection. The software can connect to the computer regardless of firewall, blocked ports or NAT router. This is a versatile tool which is suitable for lots of users with different purposes, especially for network service providers and enterprises.

The main features of TeamViewer for Windows 8:

- Control computer, transfer file remotely.
- Work with online group.
- Provide online meeting environment.
- Communicate directly via images, audio, video.
- Encrypt, protect data
- Optimize the performance.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

Free Download TeamViewer for windows 8
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