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Kevin Pham

The Matrix Screensaver supports users to change the background image on the computer with the diversified store of pictures about vivid and compelling movie scenes.

The Matrix Screensaver provides a store of scenes in famous movies so that users can select to set as the background image for the computer. If you are a loyal and enthusiastic fan of science fiction film, this is really the right choice. You can decorate the computer, protect the screen and also create your own style.

The Matrix Screensaver helps you view all movie scenes through animated photos automatically changing each period set by users. You can also insert messages into the wallpaper, customize fonts and colors you wish.

The software integrates unique effects which are just on movies. With The Matrix Screensaver your computer screen will become vivid with funny image effects. Help you change the sensation continuously when sitting in front of the computer.

Key features of the software:

- Provide the plentiful store of wallpapers about movies.

The Matrix Screensaver owns a collection of wallpapers which are scenes in the famous Matrix movie. Users can create separate folders to integrate them into the computer screen so that you can see impressive movie scenes, familiar characters whenever you open the computer.

 - Change the wallpaper automatically.

Wallpapers in the available store will automatically change as your settings. Your screen will be always changed as development in the movie through the photo slideshow.

- Customize the display time among wallpapers.

The Matrix Screensaver will adjust to change the wallpaper according to time, photo type when users self establish operation modes on the program`s interface. This means when the image theme changes once. This will make the users` desktop vivid with attractive movie effects.

- Support for many languages.

 The software supports for different languages in the world as English, French, Chinese, Dutch, German, Hungarian, Italian, Korean, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, etc.

- Be easy to use.

This application has the lightweight interface and creates wallpapers for Windows very conveniently. Manipulations are completely under the control of most users. This is a free software. It has the lightweight capacity and does not occupy lots of the memory resources but still brings the great aesthetic value. It is also one of favorite applications for fans of fiction movies.

- Protect the screen

The Matrix Screensaver integrates the feature to protect the computer screen. It functions like a key to prevent the unauthorized access when users stop using computer temporarily through the time mark users choose to activate the program.

Updated date: 04/25/2015

Free Download The Matrix Screensaver
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