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Thumbalizr is a website that enables you to take a screenshot of your desktop and save pictures as an image format for different purposes.

Thumbalizr is a utility tool for taking a picture of the entire screen or part of screen and saving the pictures as an image format. To take web screenshots, you only need to enter the website link and choose the full screen or full webpage mode to start.

The software allows you to customize the screen size to take the screenshot. Taking a photo of part of screen is helpful in showing your friends how to perform certain tasks. There are some photo sizes you can choose for your own convenience, such as 150 pixel, 320 px, 640 px, 800 px, 1.024 px, 1.248 px, etc.

Thumbalizr assists you in taking the web screenshots of more than one page. Certainly, you can take screenshots of next web pages without requiring too much effort.
Its interface is so clear and direct that users have no difficulties in using this software.  

Some features of Thumbalizr:

- Take a picture of the screen in full screen or full webpage mode.

- Allow to choose image sizes when saving.

- Take continuous screenshots of next web pages.

- Take a picture quickly with high quality.

- Possess a simple and easy-to-use interface.

Updated date: 07/03/2014

Free Download Thumbalizr
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