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DJ Native Swing Integrate components into Swing applications
DJ Native Swing is one of a great program which is specialized for Java Swing applications. It is composed of a huge and tidy framework library, and an SWT-based implementation that provides many rich components such as Swing source, API improvement. It is also a great supporter for the editor HTML or syntax Highlight.

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EditLive for Java Support users to edit HTML codes
EditLive Java is a cross-platform HTML which works as an editor available in all Applet and JavaBean. This software is designed to be used online and Java forms for content management. In addition, this program has an advanced API including an integrated version of HTML Tidy for HTML optimization. compose html

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DS FireWorks Insert image and text
DS FireWorks is a great application which allows you to insert texts and images on moving images very easily. This software is equipped with a powerful HTML code generator for all Java application. Moreover, you can change these data and specifications without any requirement for Java programming skill. compose html

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Programmers Notepad supporting effective programming
Programmers Notepad is a well-known programming language editing program at present. This is a multi-functional feature application which allows users to edit documents in a development environment to write programming code based on a variety of language such as C / C + +, C #, Assembler, Matlab, HTML, Java, JavaScript, PHP, Ruby, XML and Pyhton.

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Notepad++ Compose documents, programming language
Notepad++ is a simple document composing application which provides users a better tool than the default Notepad of Windows. With Notepad ++, users can compose a source code and insert a code easily and quickly.

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Speaking Notepad Edit texts, source code
Speaking Notepad is an application which supports text editing. It is a good replacement for Notepad, an out-of-date text editor. Especially, Speaking Notepad support English speaking for text files and this is considered a unique application for English language learners.

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