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Gif Animation Application Edit animated GIFs
Gif Animation Application is the GIF image editor which helps you create effects for photos in your photo strip effectively.

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AZ Paint Animated GIF Editor Paint and edit animated GIF pictures
AZ Paint & Animated GIF Editor is the professional application which enables you to paint and edit animated GIF pictures effectively. This is really a wonderful application for you. make animated gif image

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Aesop GIF Creator Create animated images
Aesop GIF Creator is a specialized tool to create advertising banners, buttons, logos or beautiful graphic images in GIF format used on a variety of websites. It also has an option to compress and optimize data, so you can own GIF files with most appropriate size make animated gif image

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Video Avatar Create animated images from videos
Video Avatar is an application that allows creating animated GIF images from any videos to use them as your avatar or forum signature. It supports multiple video formats, such as AVI, ASF, MP4, MOV, WMV, etc.

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