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Jsmooth support to run Java applications
Jsmooth is a really lightweight application which can offer you the most wonderful and powerful features to support the system in running Java applications more quickly and smoothly. Thanks to its great ability to create the Java virtual server, it can boost up the installation processes of Java applications.

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Java Runtime Environment Support java, run java applications
Java Runtime Environment (or JRE) have new version is include 32 bit and 64bit. JRE is compatible with all all devices running java. It supports such Java applications as Games, chat software, ebook, etc. run java applications

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Hitonic JAR Starter Create the environment to run Java applications
Hitonic JAR-Starter can automatically detect J2SE and J2ME environments which facilitate to develop Java on your computer. With this software, users can easily edit Java source code in building business, programming projects. run java applications

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UISpec4J Create environment to run Java applications
UISpec4J is the open source software with free functions and unit testing library for Swing-based Java applications, built on the technical basis of JUnit and TestNG.

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JwinSvc Allow running Java applications
JwinSvc is among the top programs designed for Java applications. It can support Java applications to be run normally and smoothly as other NT services. In addition, it can be used to install as well as uninstall Java applications. It means that this software can block Java programs from running on your system. Moreover, this program will quickly detect errors and debug in these applications when necessary.

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Java Launcher Support to launch Java applications
Java Launcher is a powerful and easy-to-use Java tool designed to help you fully utilize Java development platforms. The tool allows you to run Java applications quickly. It also integrates Java file editing tools and creates executable files right on the operating system.

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jPortable Portable application supporting for running Java
jPortable allows users to create a Java runtime environment right on portable devices like USB, hard drive, etc. The application supports to create Java applications in .JAR format and has the compatibility with lots of portable devices using Java.

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