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Topee HotKey Manager managing and using hot keys
Topee HotKey Manager is an utility which helps users control all hot keys and hot key combinations to quickly perform tasks on the computer such as setting schedule for starting or shutting down the computer, closing the running programs, opening a new window, etc. With this software, users can maximize the effectiveness of hot keys for different tasks with just several simple manipulations.

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Action Timer Set time to shutdown computer
Action Timer is the multi-functional software which times to open or close programs and the operating system. This application can control all running processes on the system, create and report tasks, remind or send emails effectively. This feature contributes to protect your computer and save power of the system. set time to turn off computer

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Pristy Tools Accelarate the computer and scan the memory
Pristy Tools integrates multiple tools such as timing, scanning the memory, cleaning up and accelerating PC, creating wallpapers, etc. This software also helps users view information about your computer hardware and it is also the handy tool for browsing Websites and sending mail. set time to turn off computer

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Hyper Shutdown Turn off computer automatically
Hyper Shutdown is a tool that gives you great utilities to automatically shutdown at set time. Thanks to Hyper Auto Shutdown, you can easily turn off the computer without work with the Start menu.

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GShutdown Set a shut down time for computer
Gshutdown is a program that provides you with an excellent feature for shutting down your computer at a certain time. In addition, this is one of the utilities especially designed for Ubuntu operating systems.

Tags: download gshutdown 0.2.1 (32bit) version

Vista Shutdown Timer Timing for an automatic shutdown
Vista Shutdown Timer allows users to set schedule to put the computer into shutdown, standby, hibernate or logoff modes in a certain period of time.

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Sinvise Shutdown Timer Portable Set time to shut down computer automatically
Sometimes, you are hurry for another things but you are waiting for uploading files or any things. You want your computer to be shut down after task completion. Sinvise Shutdown Timer Portable offers you the solution. It allows you to set time to turn off the computer at will.

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Shutdown Lock Set time to auto-shutdown the computer
Shutdown Lock is a free software for Windows OS that provides functions to create shut down and restart schedules for the computer.

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