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Toshiba Web Camera Application is a tool designed to manage webcam of Toshiba laptops. The program helps you record videos right when you are online or capture your images.

Toshiba Web Camera Application is a tool designed to help you manage webcam of Toshiba laptops. This application can be used to take photos or record videos right on your laptops.

Toshiba Web Camera Application allows you to preview videos or images recorded by your webcam.  The program can record high quality videos of 2D or 3D formats, Shutter Glasses 3D, Red-Cyan, etc. basing  on your need.

Toshiba Web Camera Application can be used to create a webcam album by accessing the available features that the program offers.  You can also save your photos on computer, or share them on online social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, etc.

If you just use the built-in webcam of your laptops, you can record videos and capture images, but just with the most basic features.  You only can manage your webcam closely with advanced feature if you install Toshiba Web Camera Application.

Main features of Toshiba Web Camera Application:

- Manage Toshiba laptop's webcam
- Record videos and take photo when users go online.
- Record videos of 2D/3D
- Create webcam albums.
- Easily createa dn copy webcam images.

Updated date: 11/20/2013

Free Download Toshiba Web Camera Application
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