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TV-FOX is an add-on for Firefox. This software allows you to watch more than 2000 TV channels all over the world in which hundreds of them are free.

TV-FOX is developed to help users make use of Firefox, the internet browser of Mozilla.  Add-on TV-FOX will help users to search and select any TV channels that they want.  This application is dedicated for Firefox running on Mac OSX.

With TV-FOX, users can watch a lot of TV channels across the world.  This application also allows users to watch hundreds of free TV channels.  In addition, as it is integrated in Firefox toolbar, TV-FOX is visible and convenient.  Users can zoom out the TV window so that they can surf web while watching TV.

TV-FOX integrates Audio and Video players dedicated for Mac OSX including Quick Time Player. This will help you use the program more easily and avoid downloading any other middleware.

Note: Add-on TV-FOX runs well on different OS, but for each OS the program will require different plug-ins. Windows users must have Windows media Player, MAC OS users must have Flip4Mac Windows Media plugin; Gentoo Linux 1.5.1 and FreeBSD 5.x must have Mplayer plugin.
(these are the must-have notes for users).

Main features of Add-on TV-FOX:

- Allow users to watch TV channels all  over the world with a lot of free ones.

With TV-FOX, users can watch more than 2000 TV channels across the world including such famous channels as HBO, FOX Tivi, Fox Channel, Cartoon Network, channels of national broadcast stations from all over the word.

- Work on all versions of Firefox and have automatic update function.  

TV-FOX supports most of Firefox versions running on Mac OSX. Users only have to download the application for installation, TV-FOX will automatically adjust the configuration to be compatible with Firefox version.  TV-FOX also integrates the automatic notification function. When users start TV-FOX, it will automatically send a message for the new version, users only have to click, then the system will automatically upgrade to the latest version.

- Open multi-channels at the same time

TV-FOX does not limit the number of channels that users can watch. Users can open as many channels as you want.  When you click into a channel, a new window will appear.

- High speed of video download:

- TV-FOX has a high speed of video download: After switching a channel, users only have to wait for a second to watch a video easily, even when the channel is from the other side of the globe like America, Brazil, Canada, or Mexico.

- Simply select channels:

TV-FOX has a very straightforward interface, so the toolbar will display 4 screens in different colors stading for four ways of window arrangements: Blue, green, dark blue, and light green,  Blue screen shows that users can watch TV sorted by countries. The green color is the arrangement of channels for daily life such as News, Sports, Healh, Shopping.  The red screen is the arrangement of American channels.  The light green color is for entertainment such as - Films, cartoons, etc.

Updated date: 02/26/2014

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