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MagicISO is the application which processes disk image files in various formats. Users can perform various manipulations such as editing content inside image files, backing up CD, creating a bootable disk from available image files or converting most popular image formats to ISO.

MagicISO allows users to process disk images such as adding, deleting or editing data of image files in ISO, BIN, IMG, NRG, CIF, CCD, VCD, MBI, CUE, FLP, IMA, BIF, WBT, IMG, etc. Users can extract content inside image files, backup CD, create a boot disk from existing image files and convert almost all popular image formats to ISO.

MagicISO allows burning .BIN image files to CD directly for storing and watching them on computers having CD reader. This program can create CD image files from CD/DVD-ROM and burn CD image files to ISO9660, Joliet and UDF disc formats. This software also allows opening multiple CD/DVD image files at the same time.

MagicISO helps users create bootable ISO files in DOS. Users can select one or multiple file categories and create ISO files based on these files. This utility also supports backing up CD to the hard drive and is embedded in Windows Explorer to manage CD/DVD image files easily.

Main features of MagicISO:

- Edit content inside disk image files
- Extract content inside image files
- Support various image formats
- Convert between disk image formats
- Directly burn .BIN files to CD for storage

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download TVS HR
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