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TweakMaster is an accelerate-downloading application that is very effective for image, video, data, software, games, etc. on the Internet. In particular, this application is suitable and a must for computers those are using Internet connection at low speed.

TweakMaster can download files from the Internet to your computer at very high speed. This application allows your pc to connect and download files rapidly as TweakMaster would take impact on Registry and pc configuration to accelerate Internet connection.

Now with TweakMaster, you can download all files, images, videos, software, games, etc. to your computer at very high speed and thus save remarkable time compared to the past. Especially, it owns another strong feature, which is to load web you click on and embed it onto browser’s cache memory. Thus, once you access a website, this tool will load it for you immediately

TweakMaster also be able to check Internet connection speed by displaying accurate properties in each time range. Accordingly, users can reach the most optimal solution to connect Internet effectively.

TweakMaster’s main features:

-  Accelerate downloading image, video, data, software, games, etc. on the Internet with high efficiency.

-  Suitable and important for computers which are running on low-speed Internet connection.

-  Download files at extra high speed and thus save considerable time and effort for users.

-  Able to load websites those users click on and embed on browser’s cache memory.

Updated date: 11/29/2013

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