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Tweet Eye supports sharing and displaying images from eBay on Twitter directly. Thereby, the program will help you promote your products widely and quickly than ever before.

It can be said that Tweet Eye is an original utility which allows you to display and promote images on eBay sales page via Twitter. With this program, you can introduce your products to users in a convenient and effective manner.

Tweet Eye Seller can automatically share images and contents of goods on eBay on demand. Moreover, the program helps you make use of multiple accounts at the same time to share and promote your products.

Tweet Eye  allows tweeting by a set schedule such as by minute, hour, day, etc. depending on your personal demand. Especially, the program will continuously update “hot” products and share them to users who have demand in a simple manner.

Moreover, Tweet Eye does not require you to log in Twitter account to directly make purchase. In addition, the program allows you to quickly access and search for products by key word in a professional and impressive manner.

Key features of Tweet Eye:

- Allow displaying and promoting images on eBay sales page via Twitter.
- Automatically share images and contents of products on eBay on personal demand.
- Make use of multiple accounts to share and promote products.
- Be integrated with a set tweeting schedule.
- Update latest products.
- Require no direct Twitter login.
- Support accessing and searching for products by available key words quickly.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

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