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Kevin Pham

Type Light is a program which helps users create, edit, and convert OpenType font including TrueType (TTF) and PostScript (OTF). This software integrates lots of tools to help you create unique characters and shapes. You can also convert fonts easily.

The interface of Type Light is somehow similar to graphical design tools with TrueType or PostScript data system. This utility provides you basic drawing tools to draw, edit OpenType font, create unique fonts to use for different project in business or share with friends.

Type Light integrates lots of graphic tools such as pencil and brush to create basic shapes like straight line, curves, diagonal, ellipse, rectangle, circle, angle, etc. to emphasize each characters.  You can use fonts of different size to create the desired ones.

In addition, with this application users can select a set of characters ad create new hieroglyphics, mapping to special characters, change size of characters, preview full images, change Glyph data, view Glyph information as well as reverse or flip the contours of created letters.

Main features of Type Light:

- Be a professional font creating tool.

If you often have to work with graphic tools to create art text, sometimes it is difficult to access their complicated tools. Therefore, Type Light will e a wonderful support for you in this case.  With the interface integrating all tools for drawing calligraphic letters and precise calculating technique, this software is very easy-to-use for you to create your desired fonts.

- Edit video easily.

Type Light allows you to preview the images of calligraphic letters and edit their properties such as rename, adjust curves in TrueType or PostScript. You can also redo the previous action.  In properties window, you can select the window mapping mode (code page, Unicode script, or Glyph), disable tools, resize, or adjust point selection level.  

- Provide supporting tools.

Type Light supports hotkeys to apply commands right on the keyboard and a help file in PDF format to guide users all its detailed functions.  This software also runs smoothly on different operating systems without occupying too much system resources.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download Type Light
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