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TypeFaster Typing Tutor is a very good tool for learning to type. Once you have followed all of the lessons that the program offers, you can type without looking at the keyboard as before.

You are office workers who often have to work with text editor, you can type well but only with 2 fingers and you still have to look at the keyboard to type. TypeFaster Typing Tutor is the perfect tool to help you improve your typing speed accurately without staring at the keyboard as before.

Typing Tutor 2 TypeFaster combined 2 learning methods: it provides lessons with characters appearing continuously while you have to tap on the screen, and it gives you an interactive game you play as a pilot on a plane, your goal is to shoot enemies’ aircraft appearing on the screen. How do we shoot them out? Simply just type the letters fast to fill words on each aircraft, they will be destroyed immediately.

TypeFaster Typing Tutor includes 25 different levels from beginners to professions.

Using Typing Tutor TypeFaster efficiently will improve your typing speed quickly, it helps you type with all 10 fingers more efficiently to increase productivity at work and in school.

Basic features of TypeFaster Typing Tutor.

- Supports keyboard layout.
- Give clear signals to locate fingers.
- 3D Typing Games.
- Assist users.
- Allow users to edit lesson files and setting game.
- The lesson can be text or poetry.
- Show progress after each lesson.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download TypeFaster Typing Tutor
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