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Uniture Memory Booster provides high performance to your computer by optimizing RAM, CPU and processes on the system.

The software supports users to control RAM operation by cleaning up unnecessary data of hard drive, optimizing the memory, self-compress system memory to boost performance and stability of processes. Then, it enhances operation speed of the computer and minimize computer hang.

It also manage comprehensively CPU’s parameters such as fan speed, temperature, frequency and display CPU performance in details so that users have adjustment in time to avoid computer’s safety.

This tool helps to manage processing tasks of the system. It removes unnecessary services and functions from the memory of the computer and it allows other applications run on a better environment with highest speed.

It is said that, Uniture Memory Booster is the necessary to control computer’s operation to boost its performance.

Key features off Uniture Memory Booster:

-    Optimize RAM and CPU.
-    Manage and control RAM and CPU’s performance.
-    Manage processing tasks.
-    Optimize computer system.
-    Support to boost computer’s performance.
-    Follow folder status in the computer.

-    Self-optimize computer’s performance.

Updated date: 11/13/2013

Download Uniture Memory Booster
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