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USB Image Tool is capable of backing up the USB data for protection purpose. The program supports data compression, displays information of devices and management of backed up images.

USB Image Tool provides solution for data backup and protection in a USB device simply and efficiently way. Unlike other programs, this software creates the pixels of information that needs backup and store them in certain locations to recover when necessary. Thus, data is secured completely and the work performance is much enhanced.

USB Image Tool fully displays necessary information of devices such as name, number, identity, capacity, path, file system and size. Users can create favorite lists of objects backed up from USB to regularly monitor and manage. The program also offers options such as creating and checking MD5 in the process of backup, cutting oversized pixels in device mode, displaying names of backup files, saving settings to run next time.

USB Image Tool allows users to choose and change name, format and destination of pixels in the backup process. Supported formats include IMG, IMA and IMZ. The software takes up very little system resources. In addition, this easy-to-use software works stably at high speed.

Main features of USB Image Tool:

- Backup data from USB.
- Create pixels accurately for storage.
- Display all information on objects.
- Provides the options to edit back up files.

Updated date: 04/24/2015

Free Download USB Image Tool
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